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New blog page:"


New stable version of amavislogsumm released


Uploaded a new version of

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This homepage is the entry point to all my activities.
Here you will find informations about my software projects incl. documentation and tarballs.

Additionally a documentation section as a help reference is planned for the future.

last change: 25.06.2016

Welcome to LOCALside.NET

first version of logwatch-citadel added

Citadel is an easy to handle Groupware Suite. I wrote a logwatch service script to generate logs and summeries. You will find the code and instructions on this page.

New version uploaded

The new version of removes some dnsbl services which are no longer maintained.

acerhk sources added

The acerhk project is long dead, but some people may still have a need it. These people will now find the source and all necessary patches to make acerhk build agaist recent kernels on this page.

New version uploaded

The new version of will inform the user about query timeouts.

New amavislogsumm beta release and new script

I fixed a bug in amavislogsumm which prevented it from counting infected messages. Today I was just checking the hit rate of BRBL which a older release of this script which was still in my home directory. I checked the results with the newest dev release and noticed the absense of infected message. Very odd that I didn't notice that before.
Anyway, it's fixed. Check it out!
And I updated the script, too.

New script:

I added the script to my projects. It queries a lot of DNS blacklists and reports if the given IP address is listed.

New Citadel release installed

The Citadel release 7.71 is working great. It comes with a new feature: The Wiki Room. Try it out. Here or on uncensored!


I'm glad that you have found your way to Here you will find informations about my projects and some articles about stuff I'm interessted in.